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Being a parent is a great privilege, but a great responsibility too. It’s a bit like a roller coaster ride- lots of ups and downs, and quite a lot of screaming on the way!!

We at the Brent Parent and Toddler Network are committed to encouraging parents to develop their confidence and gifts within supportive groups.

We are not ‘the experts’. We are all parents ourselves-and have the scars to prove it! We aim to use our experience to help and support others.


Children need warmth

How do we provide it?

Lots of smiles, eye contact, hugs, cuddles, words of praise, undivided attention….

Have fun at bath time-splashing, talking, playing, laughing…

Try and make time for a story before bed, and enjoy a cuddle while you’re reading together.


Children need structure

How do we provide it?

Having a routine helps: bath time and bed time at the same time each night, regular meal times, a ‘tidy up time’ after toys have been played with…certain days when you go to Toddlers, or the library…


It's very important to teach your child to consider others

How do we do that?

Teach them to share. Keep on and on teaching them to share! Even if they cry, keep on and on teaching them to share…

Teach them the ‘4 magic words’: ‘Hello’, ‘Goodbye’, ‘Please’, and ‘Thank you’.

Keep on and on teaching them…don’t give up!

These words make the world a more pleasant place.


It's very important to teach you children self-control

How do we do that?

Don’t feel you have to respond immediately to every demand:

‘We’ll have a drink when we get home..’, ‘You can have a turn after Jack’s had a go..’, ‘We’ll go to the park after we’ve had lunch..’

Learning that we can’t have exactly what WE want, just when WE want it, is a very important lesson of life!!

And don’t be afraid to say, ‘No’. Even if they cry and fuss, stick to your, ‘No’.


The time you invest in your child’s life, especially in those vital early years, is really important. It’ll go by so quickly. We want to try and help you make the most of it.