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Things To Do at Home


Safety tips

Never leave your toddler alone with water – a few inches can be dangerous.

Keep an eye on children if they are playing with clothes with straps and belts which they could get tangled up in or catch on a door handle.


Let the fun begin ....


Painting, drawing and colouring: even very young children enjoy creating works of art and the messier the better! Put down newspaper and cover up clothes to protect them and cut down on tidying up.

Hand printing and footprints (if you don’t mind washing paint off the floor) can be even more fun.

Water: a washing up bowl of water and a couple of cups can keep a toddler busy for ages.

Home-made playdough is cheap and easy to make – you can use it again and again or bake it in the oven and paint it afterwards.

Ingredients: 3 cups flour , 1.5 cups salt , 6 teaspoons cream of tartar (available in supermarkets), 3 tablespoons oil ,3 cups water , food colouring as required (from the home baking section of the supermarket)

Method: Stir play dough continuously over a low heat until mixture leaves the sides of the pan. Let cool and play.

Imaginative play: get out some teddies and dolls and create a tea party or anything else your toddler might think of.

Dressing up: a box of old hats and clothes are great fun.

Cutting up old magazines to make a collage picture.

Painting and threading raw pasta tubes to make a necklace.

Making musical instruments: Children love making their own musical instruments – a  clean yoghurt pot filled with dried beans or pasta and paper lid stuck on makes a great shaker, and if you don’t mind the noise an upside down saucepan and wooden spoon makes a great drum for a toddler.

Junk modelling: empty cereal boxes, toilet rolls and yoghurt pots can be magically transformed into cars, binoculars and even toy boats to float in the bath with some string or sticky tape.

Keep it simple: If this all sounds too complicated and time consuming, try to keep a box of toys, crayons and play dough handy and make the most of bath time for playing with a couple of cups and a sponge.




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